Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CCK11 Catching Up

I must apologize to the instructor and my group for the lagging of my blogs. Life turbulance has resulted in the lack of my attentiveness and that is truly not me. Included in the chaos was the early arrival of our first grandchild, a granddaughter, which was followed up a mere day after leaving the hospital with her return as she had a kidney infection (she has only 1 kidney), Between work and the hospital my life has been non-existant. I have been keeping up with the reading (I had to kill many trees so I could read at the hospital) and am finally caught up with elluminate sessions, thank goodness for taping!

Since my last blog I have actually accomplished something, I created a blog for my corporations in house wine course. I took time to chat with 2 groups of 20 to "sell" them on the idea of trying to use this as an additional learning network. I set it up as a centralized type of network which I hope that over time progresses to a decentralized type of network. The 2 groups were enthusiastic when presented the site, however usage was ZILCH (I feel that the tool was introduced too late into their course)..I have a new class begining in 2 weeks and my plan is to introduce them to the blog on week 1 of their 14 week course with hopes that at least 1 or 2 comments or questions arise during the course. Take note I am not expecting miracles and will continue to persue. I really think that using the centralized network is the way to go in this situation because of the demographics of my participants (age ranges from 18 to 65).

Has anyone attempted to use this type of networking within a corporation setting?

In meantime if you're a wine afficinado I've started an additional blog Carol's Wine Network, feel free to check on it and share your favorite wines. It's not fancy, yet, but its a start...I really have to get all my personal winery photos in 1 place so I can share them.

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