Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Final Project

Good evening to all

I have posted my final project on my blog using go animate. Initially I thought I'd use articulate presenter but when I played with go animate I was lost and changed my mind

Cheers to all, and here's hoping that a few of us attempt to remain connected


GoAnimate.com: Connectivism in a Corporate World

GoAnimate.com: Connectivism in a Corporate World by cherntier
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Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CCK11 Changing role of "Educators"

I am living evidence of the changing roles of educators. My education began with a 1 room school house that included grades 1-9. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Geography and History were the subjects I vividly recall. Hours were spent on writing exercises - writing legibily...as interpreted by the sole teacher. Teachers were a handful in this era who had formal education and they were put on a pedestal. I do not recall anyone in my early years "questioning" a techers knowledge...

Many years later I volunteered in my daughters grade 2 class. Bad spelling was not to be identified - I was instructed to encourage students to spell as you heard....the next year the new message was your spelling is below expectations... however no where in the curriculum was there spelling....

In the workplace in recent years I have experienced many changes as an educator. Our corporation identified a single person as the professional and that person "taught" everyone everything there is to know about alcohol....today there is a team of individuals that teach because needs have changed. More courses are needed because of youthful new employees with little experience and older employees who have come out of retirement and again they have  little experience in our industry.

As an educator today I am a mentor, a coach, a resource, a messenger of liquor laws, a messanger of social responsibilities and the consumption of alcohol, as well as part of a team of educators. I am also a researcher because the internet sites can sometimes be misleading it is important to our company for me to flag "good and useful sites" Today I use storytelling to get many messages across, years ago I just regurgitated facts....
I have seen the move from overhead projectors and micro-fiche to smartboards, powerpoint and skype, I honestly hadn't given much thought to how the role as an educator was changing.

As I write this I am really feeling old....


The readings related to this section caught my attention because my corporation has just introduced the Learning Management System (its in very early stage and the courses offered are very few - no product education related courses at all) This really is a rather comical situation I have had to utilize our IT departmet regarding computer issues and the barricades that create havoc in my quest for knowledge and IT is adament that there is no need for me to access "noted sites" because we have LMS....Why the University would use something else is beyond their compreshension since they feel that LMS is the best thing since sliced bread...Now that is a phrase that only Baby Boomers may be familiar with...

Back to the significance of the PLENK readings. Historically our company focuses on its courses, in fact they have just been updated to support the LMS system. Reality is our employees would be much more beneficial of the Personal Learning Environment since they could control how and when they learn. Although there is some "structure" of the course a compreshensive outline would take care of that portion. Although all staff can read and memorize for the test it is the sharing of experiences that truly helps them understand our industry and the direction its taking.

CCK11 Catching Up

I must apologize to the instructor and my group for the lagging of my blogs. Life turbulance has resulted in the lack of my attentiveness and that is truly not me. Included in the chaos was the early arrival of our first grandchild, a granddaughter, which was followed up a mere day after leaving the hospital with her return as she had a kidney infection (she has only 1 kidney), Between work and the hospital my life has been non-existant. I have been keeping up with the reading (I had to kill many trees so I could read at the hospital) and am finally caught up with elluminate sessions, thank goodness for taping!

Since my last blog I have actually accomplished something, I created a blog for my corporations in house wine course. I took time to chat with 2 groups of 20 to "sell" them on the idea of trying to use this as an additional learning network. I set it up as a centralized type of network which I hope that over time progresses to a decentralized type of network. The 2 groups were enthusiastic when presented the site, however usage was ZILCH (I feel that the tool was introduced too late into their course)..I have a new class begining in 2 weeks and my plan is to introduce them to the blog on week 1 of their 14 week course with hopes that at least 1 or 2 comments or questions arise during the course. Take note I am not expecting miracles and will continue to persue. I really think that using the centralized network is the way to go in this situation because of the demographics of my participants (age ranges from 18 to 65).

Has anyone attempted to use this type of networking within a corporation setting?

In meantime if you're a wine afficinado I've started an additional blog Carol's Wine Network, feel free to check on it and share your favorite wines. It's not fancy, yet, but its a start...I really have to get all my personal winery photos in 1 place so I can share them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CCK11 Wines to compliment Whines

Yahoo someone actually read my blog :) A big thanks to you!

It took my a bit to get my blog identified, I didn't follow instructions....I forgot to include the CCK11 somewhere in the title.
I actually went back to the Stephens video to see where I went wrong. Unfortunately when I tried to re-submit I ran into home computer issues and had to wave the SOS flag to Stephen who was a tremendous help and voila! here I am....
I plan to be more diligent in my attempt to keep up with checking out and commenting on blogs, but I am finding that there are so many and so little time...my wine recommendation to compliment that whine is a crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (I'll leave the winery choice to you)... All of a sudden I felt good about -18 weather with additional wind chill....

I truly am finding myself struggling a bit, part because my Techo skills are pretty limited and the other part is I've found myself  replaying the taped sessions because many times I get lost in the lingo and it doesn't help that I try to follow the comments at the same time...yes somedays I can't walk and chew gum at the same time...I reflect on readings and sessions for some time, then I find myself rephrasing much of the context so that I can relate to it and understand.

Although I'd love to participate in all the Elluminate sessions my work computer does not allow downloads and I've even tried the radio stream with no luck...has anyone had succes with it? Or is it one of those downloads....I've as a result had to resort to the taped sessions, drat barriers...

I will later this week include my wine blog feed with the hope that we can connect via a new interest...not sure if it'll be a group or a network...time will tell...

Ciao for now