Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The readings related to this section caught my attention because my corporation has just introduced the Learning Management System (its in very early stage and the courses offered are very few - no product education related courses at all) This really is a rather comical situation I have had to utilize our IT departmet regarding computer issues and the barricades that create havoc in my quest for knowledge and IT is adament that there is no need for me to access "noted sites" because we have LMS....Why the University would use something else is beyond their compreshension since they feel that LMS is the best thing since sliced bread...Now that is a phrase that only Baby Boomers may be familiar with...

Back to the significance of the PLENK readings. Historically our company focuses on its courses, in fact they have just been updated to support the LMS system. Reality is our employees would be much more beneficial of the Personal Learning Environment since they could control how and when they learn. Although there is some "structure" of the course a compreshensive outline would take care of that portion. Although all staff can read and memorize for the test it is the sharing of experiences that truly helps them understand our industry and the direction its taking.

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