Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CCK11 As I Err I Learn

I waited, excitedly, for my blog addition to be aknowledged....nothing happened.
I headed back to the opening session to see what I missed, as it turns out I'm not sure where my mind was...
Here I try again, fingers crossed that this time I will be more successful and someone might check out my blog.

This experience makes me wonder how many before me lost patience and simly said "Done"
Should this attempt be unsuccessful then I will be placing the SOS call, eventually my blog will be shared with you



  1. Ha never wait for a lucky moment, arrange it yourself.
    Good of you to persist, to try again
    Humble suggestion: twitter on hashtag #cck11 and read those tweets. Look on Facebook and search for connectivism and for cck11. do a internet search on cck11 and connectivism.
    May be someone writes something you want to comment on (always leave your URL) and may be she will comment back.
    hope to read much from you.
    regards Jaap

  2. Hi Carol,
    Your colleagues are out here. Welcome! As you do more entries, you'll start to notice that your name appears in the CCK2011 blogroll and the daily that someone started, and maybe then you'll see a tweet. I feel sometimes like I'm just writing a diary entry, until someone like Jaap (hi, Jaap!) wanders by and makes a pertinent observation. :)

  3. Do you know what you did "wrong" the first time?If so it might be useful to others as you aren't by any means the only one who has had trouble getting "picked up" by gRSShopper. For me I think what I missed was being sure to have the cck11 tag included in the blog post or title. Posts where I only had it as what my blogging tool calls a "category" didn't seem to get noticed.

  4. Hi Carol,
    It might be that no one has a perfect strategy for landing in the right place every time. With so much to see on the net just about anywhere has potential. Having to get to some place in particular often seems kind of sad. Like going on a winery tour with an efficiency expert.

    Welcome to this mess.